Thing #18 – Screencasts

So I was definitely a little shocked when I clicked on Thing #18 and barely saw any writing on the page! My shock was prolonged when I learned that we were responsible for teaching ourselves how to create and successfully upload a screencast… but I did it! Woo hoo! My confidence level is definitely starting to rise. I think it was very smart to have us take some more ownership of our technological journey and “play” with screencasting until we learned how to use it. It really reinforced the fact that I must have faith in myself and my abilities to use various types of educational technology.

Screencasts would be an extremely useful tool to use in the classroom. With education becoming increasingly dependent on technology, our students have countless opportunities to utilize technology while participating in various lessons and activities. As a teacher, screencasts are a great way to introduce new websites, tools, and games that students will be using in the classroom. Screencasts allow teachers to show students exactly how to navigate throughout various websites, which will be very beneficial for our visual learners, as opposed to solely verbally explaining the directions. I can’t wait to use this tool with my students!

Here is the screencast I created: Poetry Screencast

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