Thing #19 – YouTube

I have watched hundreds of YouTube videos in the past, but I enjoyed searching for videos that related to content I will be teaching in the classroom this year! The first video I found is of people singing the 50 states song. What I especially loved about this video was the accompanying slides that list the proper spelling and a picture of what the state looks like. My fourth graders will be responsible for learning the correct spelling and proper location of all 50 states this year, so this song would be a great way to help them remember all of the states!

The next video I found addressed two of the criteria listed in Thing 19. This video relates to my teaching content AND it was created by students. The first book my class will read together is RulesĀ by Cynthia Lord. This video is a visual book report created by a student. I just love the idea that students can alter the “traditional” paper-based book report and incorporate their creativity into making a visual book report.

I think YouTube is a great way for students to share their work with students all over the world. My only concern is privacy. It would be imperative for teachers to get consent from parents and administration before allowing students to post videos on YouTube.

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