Thing #20 – Google Drive

The College of Education at the University of Florida was majorly into group work, so I have had numerous opportunities to use Google Docs and Google Presentations. It is such a convenient tool because it enables multiple people to edit the same document without have to constantly send new drafts through e-mail. One of my favorite characteristics of Google Drive is that it automatically and periodically saves your work, which prevents a lot of frustration! I have had the most experience with Google Presentations. It has pretty much replaced Microsoft PowerPoint in the college classroom, because it is much more collaborative and convenient.

I can envision multiple uses for Google Drive in the elementary classroom. Students can use Google Docs and Google Presentation when participating in group work to allow all students the ability to view and make edits to the assignment. Google Drive would also be great to use in writing because the students could share the document with the teacher and the teacher could monitor the editing process as the students progress through the drafting stages. Teachers can definitely use Google Drive too! For example, if teachers are working to create a syllabus for the grade, they can use Google Docs so all teachers can contribute to the document. There are really endless opportunities to use Google Docs in the classroom. I look forward to incorporating it into my teaching!

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